Scholar Sacco was born out of a ScholarMedia Digital get-together held on 29/12/2017, which saw more than 150 members attending. The forum which is meant for sharing of information and networking draws its membership from various backgrounds and areas of specialization. Mr. Elijah Nyakundi Nyaanga commonly known as Scholarman founded ScholarMedia Digital on 22nd April 2016 and he is the Chief Administrator of the forum. The main purpose of coming together was after members suggested and unanimously agreed that they should meet to familiarize themselves and see what they could do to hold them together.

The dinner party was one of its kind, which saw scholars making scholarly presentations on various topics among them; Education, Health, IT, Business, Special Needs and Advocacy. The culmination of the event was to start something that could hold members together and cater to their interests. After weighing several options at hand, the idea of coming up with a Sacco was arrived at. The members present unanimously agreed to name the Sacco as ‘Scholar’ and subsequently elected an interim committee to assist in the registration process and babysitting of the project. The Sacco was finally registered on 15th January 2020 and held the first General Meeting on 21st February 2020. Elections of the Management and Supervisory Committee Members were conducted during this meeting.

The Sacco which is headquartered in Kisii Town with its catchment being national has kept growing fast in terms of Membership and Share Capital. Together we build Scholar Sacco Society Ltd

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Your esteemed Sacco has really built me over the years.

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Your services have improved tremendously!! ,

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